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Second International meeting within the project Inequalities Matter

Second International meeting within the project Inequalities Matter

In the period from 18th to 21st March 2024, Association “Euni Partners” took part in a study visit in Oberhausen, Germany, within the Inequalities Matter project. During the study visit partners discussed various topics, including social inclusion, climate change, sustainable living, and environmental protection. The municipality of Oberhausen presented their good practices in recycling, sustainable living, utilization and restoration of buildings, materials, and etc. for a greener, cleaner, and social-friendly urban environment.

In the first part of the study visit, Maik Ballmann presented the work of the Climate Protection Department of the Municipality of Oberhausen. The director of the People‘s College (Volkshochschule) in Oberhausen, Dr. Gesa Reisz, presented the good educational practices of the college.

In the second part of the study visit, the hosts presented the Supermarket of Ideas (Supermarkt der Ideen) and the Repair café – a common space where citizens can repair their old or broken utilities or craft new items from recycled materials. Another good practice demonstrated by the Municipality of Oberhausen is The Roof Top Garden within an Administrative building in the center of Oberhausen.

After the study visit, project partners will use the knowledge and inspiration gained and will seek ways to transfer the good practices into their local environments.

The project is co-funded by the CERV Programme of the European Union.

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