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Euni Partners


CONNECTEDLEARNING@YW: Promoting Quality Digital Youth Work through the creation-mapping of Connected Learning Routes in Europe: An innovative way to reach out to marginalised Young People

The Project is co-funded by Erasmus+ Programme, Key Action 2.

The aim of the project is to create an online tool in the form of an interactive and dynamic portal backed up by a mobile app which will map out learning opportunities provided in formal, non-formal and informal learning for young people. The learning routes of a city or region will be presented in an interactive map for easy access by young people while providing opportunities to marginalized people or people with fewer opportunities to identify learning courses anywhere they are in an easy and intuitive way. A network and partnerships between the local, regional and national communities and providers will be established which will help creating, presenting and delivering diverse learning content online and offline.

The coordinator of the project is Ulster University(United Kingdom) and the partners are European Digital Learning Network (Italy), Culture Goes Europe (CGE) – Soziokulturelle Initiative Erfurt e.V. (Germany), ASSOSIATION EUNI PARTNERS (Bulgaria), A & A Emphasys Interactive Solutions Ltd (Cyprus), Vudutek OOD (Bulgaria) and Hälsinglands Utbildningsförbund (Sweden).