Euni Partners

Euni Partners

Education and Training

Euni Partners extensively works with people from and outside educational institutions, as well as with people from geographically distant/ rural areas and people with learning difficulties and disabilities, who are usually facing major difficulties in...


Association Euni Partners consults and supports local, regional and national authorities, as well as educational institutions, social service providers, NGOs, and businesses in Bulgaria. We support our members and partners in reaching new horizons through:...

About us

Euni Partners is a non-governmental organization, which works to encourage and expand the cooperation among the academia, business, institutions and educational organizations. Its primary fields of activity are education and training, sustainable development and social integration of people with fewer opportunities. Association Euni Partners has over 80 members from different professional backgrounds, including academia; education and training; media and new technologies; business; NGOs, etc. It is a member of the Regional Council for Lifelong Learning, participating in the policy-making process in the field of education and an ambassador of LLL.

Euni Partners provides education and training for all age groups – from kindergarden children to seniors, with focus on special education. The association works in partnership with schools and universities in Bulgaria, aiming to improve the quality of education and training in accordance with the needs of the labour market and offers career–orientation support and professional training. As the Association cooperates with several business unions, it provides for training, intern and job placements in different economic sectors. Euni Partners organizes training courses in the fields of entrepreneurship and employability; international project management; ICT, graphic and web design, information literacy, civic education, cognitive and social development; etc.

Association Euni Partners consults and supports local, regional and national authorities, as well as directorates for education in Bulgaria. Due to the established long-term cooperation with these institutions, one the one hand the Association receives institutional support and validation, and on the other – reaches wide audience for dissemination and implementation of its activities.

Our projects

Listen, Analyse, Act: training courses for youth workers in the disability sector

The project Listen, Analyse, Act aims to promote the exchange of good practices and knowledge for a greater involvement of professionals and all those who...
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Kick-off meeting with IN NEET project

Association Euni Partners took part in the first project meeting within IN NEET project. The meeting was held in Alimos, Greece between the 20th and...
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The project “Volunteering4Solidarity” aims at empowering young people to become independent individuals, ready to enter the labor market. It will give them the opportunity to...
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The project is focused on the NEET phenomenon in each partner country. The main aims of the project are to build channels and social spaces...
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The development of this project is a consequence of the pandemic and one of the sectors most affected - the creative industries. The project Mind-Set...
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The main goal of EUROPEAN ALLIANCE FOR VOLUNTEER SUPPORT – ERAS project is a long-termpartnership of thirteen towns from thirteen different countries with the common...


The SMELT project: Skilling Marginalized people to Enter Labour Market, is aiming to face the paradox of business sectors experiencing workforce shortage and the high...
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The Third Reading Age

The THIRD READING AGE project plans to increase the target groups' quality of interaction with senior learners/users due to increased didactic, communication, and motivation competences,...
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