Euni Partners

Education and Training

Euni Partners extensively works with people from and outside educational institutions, as well as with people from geographically distant/ rural areas and people with learning difficulties and disabilities, who are usually facing major difficulties in taking part in qualification courses and trainings, career orientation workshops and other initiatives. The Association is aiming to improve the quality of education and training in accordance with the needs of the labour market and provides tailor-made training, adapted to the needs of learners with special educational needs.

Euni Partners provides education and training for all age groups – from kindergarten children to seniors, with focus on special education.

As we believe that educational and training opportunities should be available to all, in the section below you can find free educational and training resources.


ConnectedLearning is an online platform, which aim is to provide a free access to education to young people, especially the ones who are from distant areas or marginalized groups, and to help them develope entrepreneurship and digital skills. The learning materials are available in the following langauges: EN, BG, IT, SE,  EL, DE

Seniors Go Digital is a learning space, which offers free training resources, specifically designed to meet the needs of senior citizens to acquire basic digital skills. The training resources are available in the following languages: EN, BG, EL, SE, IT


GoDIGITAL comes to support primary school teachers to upgrade their digital competences, and as a consequence the digital literacy of the students. The training resources are available in the following languages: EN, BG, EL, PL, IT


AAC@school  offers a new tool for strengthening teachers’ skills  and supporting them in dealing with diversity in the classrooms, adopting innovative practices based on the Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC), enabling success also for those students with communication impairments.


ACT SOCIAL  will help you get acquainted with the new legal framework for social enterprises in Bulgaria, the financial instruments, business planning tips, as well as all the stages a future entrepreneur should follow in order to set up social enterprise.


UPSKILLEAD offers you a comprehensive professional development programme. Are you an adult educator, looking for an opportunity to upgrade your digital skills? Would you like to enhance the learning process in your classroom? Then sign up for our free courses and get a worldwide validated certificate – Open Badge!


AgriGo4Cities presents Participatory Urban and Peri-urban agriculture (UPA) as a powerful and emerging method to improve public institutional capacities in order to tackle socio-economic exclusion of vulnerable groups and to stimulate sustainable urban development. Here you will find the Good practices catalogue of participatory urban agriculture and Urban agriculture for changing cities: governance models for better institutional capacities and social inclusion.


Summer E-Challenge is an educational resource for youth, which provides training courses in Coding and Robotics, Entrepreneurship and Soft Skills – self and body image, relationships, politics and society stereotypes and prejudices.


DAB  Dance Against Bullying addresses youth workers, educators and other experts to tackle bullying phenomenon among young people, using innovative methodology (in the form of workshops), based on expressive movements. Here you can find the Manual with all workshops and related to them video lessons.

Lifelong Dancing   Lifelong Dancing toolkit supports adult educators and social workers to learn innovative practices for working with disadvantaged people through therapy based on expressive techniques and dance movements. This method promotes social inclusion, body-expression, developing self-esteem and self-knowledge, stimulating decision-making skills and teamwork. 

Listen, Act, Analyse  The Listen, Analyse, Act Toolkit for Educators and youth workers, offers good practices, methodologies, and approaches of experts working with children with disabilities or special educational needs. This document is a guide, allowing us to easily transfer, adapt and replicate the different methodologies in different environments and for different target groups.


Become Who You Are  This Toolkit is designed for educators, trainers, psychologists,and counselors working with young people for their personal and professional development and self-realization. The book is designed to support those experts by providing them with innovative and useful tools for incorporating some key aspects of self-actualization into their non-formal and informal training activities.