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Information about the Project

The project is focused on the NEET phenomenon in each partner country. The main aims of the project are to build channels and social spaces in order to reintegrate NEETs into society, especially those who are long-term unemployed. The project foresees to create and realize several activities such as creative labs, debates, round tables, job shadowing, human libraries, etc. Each activity will aim at promoting active citizenship among young people/ NEETs as well as enhancing their civic and democratic competencies.

The project’s main target group is NEETs. Other beneficiary sides are youngsters and workers who can encourage NEETs to actively participate in civic life and to contribute to decision-making concerning matters affecting their social integration.

Within the project are planned 8 international events which aim is to develop outputs for tackling the NEET phenomenon and better understanding about it.

Short description:

  • The event in Alimos, Greece, was dedicated to the description of the project and its main goals. Furthermore, the kick – off meeting offered the chance to partners to get to know each other and present their organizations as well as their work.
  • The event in Velenje, Slovenia, was dedicated to hosting partners in the local community and managing to present them several good practices, the work of the Youth Center, their experience as well as the successful projects that partners could apply to their own environment.
  • The event in Athienou, Cyprus, was dedicated to a variety of activities and methods designed to address the impact of the social environment on NEET youth through a diverse agenda.
  • The event in in Bucharest, Romania, was dedicated to attracting participants to the project through interesting discussions. The key message of the citizens involved in the project was to focus on people in need, to offer support as well as to develop policies that could enable Neets to change their lives.
  • The event in Portogruaro, Italy, was dedicated the topics of the transforming labor market, the opportunities offered to the youth by the European Union as well as the knowledge of the European Union’s policies and principles.
  • The event in Pisa, Italy, was dedicated to Understanding the NEET Phenomenon, Sharing Best Practices, Policy Formulation, Creating Partnerships, Knowledge Exchange, Policy Insights, Data Sharing, International Collaboration, Youth Empowerment, Media and Public Awareness.
  • The event in Blagoevgrad, Bulgaria, was dedicated to the state policies for addressing youth unemployment, to employment programs and qualification courses as well as to youth employment services and good practices.
  • The event in Santa Pola, Spain, was dedicated to the creation of a dynamic group of all partners in which they analyzed three aspects of the IN NEET project: Which are the best practices that were carried out by the partners? What would partners improve in the framework of the project if they had the opportunity to start over? And finally, do participants believe that the project has the potential to continue? How?


Coordinator: Municipality of Alimos – Greece

Partners: Municipality of Santa Pola – Spain

Associazione 2050 – Italy

Youth center Velenje, culture, and education – Slovenia

Municipality of Athienou – Cyprus

Asociatia se poate – Romania

Association Dica Onlus – Italy

Association Euni Partners – Bulgaria

The project is co-funded by the Europe for Citizens Programme of the European Union, Strand2: Democratic engagement and civic participation.

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