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Le chemin des légendes de la Belgique à la Bulgarie

Le chemin des légendes de la Belgique à la Bulgarie ”  is a youth exchange, distinguished as a Good practice example by the Belgian national agency. This youth exchange brought together 30 young Belgians from Houffalize to meet 30 young Bulgarians from Blagoevgrad. The project allowed the young people to get to know another culture through its tales and legends, expand their worldviews and understand the value of diversity.

The young people worked in mixed groups to create 8 short stories, based on the local legends from the regions of both partners. The creative process was supported by the leaders, who  organized various types of workshops (theatre improvisation, creative writing, applied arts, music, etc.) in order to set free their imagination and their capacity of creation. This project had a very strong impact on the participants, on their families and  the local communities, demonstrating the values the European Union is based upon. In the long term, the project has had impact at the level of the valuation of a multicultural society in the eyes of the young people.