Euni Partners

Special Learning Disability

According to the European Commission’s Research and Innovation Strategies, it is of high importance to transform Europe into a world-class digital education centre by using digital and collaborative technology, and modernizing the education system with new methods and techniques. Special Learning Disability Project, funded by The Erasmus plus programme of the European Union, Key action 2, aims to support and
develop the digital skills of students with special learning difficulties. The project will contribute to improving the design thinking skills and competencies of students with special learning difficulties to similar standards with their peers, by making the learning experience more effective, and increase their interest in school activities. The  project will design, develop, implement and evaluate virtual training materials (e-books, e-learning toolkits), which contain both theoretical and practical information, aiming to increase the motivation of students, teachers and parents and make the outputs of this project accessible to the entire educational community.

The project has been developed by Istanbul Provincial Directorate of National Education (Turkey) in partnership with Teacher Training Center Iassy (Romania), Association Euni Partners (Bulgaria), MEDIA CREATIVA 2020, S.L. (Spain), ANADOLU UNIVERSITY (Turkey), YEDITEPE UNIVERSITY VAKIF (Turkey), Agrupamento de Escolas António Correia Oliveira (Portugal).