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Act Social

According to the EU Commission social enterprises are a driving force for growth inclusive and play key role in addressing the current economic and environmental challenges. Social entrepreneurship has been proven at European level to alleviate both labour market entry obstacles and social service delivery obstacles to special population groups, problems both present in the eligible programme area.

The overall objective of the project Act Social is to detect and determine the social impact of social enterprises measured in terms of employment integration in the cross border area and develop support structures and tools which reinforced the capacity of social enterprises in this frame.Support Structures of Social Innovative Entrepreneurship will be developed with the form of one stop shop Help Desks.These Structures along with the tools provided will be commonly designed and developed one in Greece and one in Bulgaria and will implement a cross border network of cooperation and exchanges. These structures aim to implement Social entrepreneurship activities such as: counseling, education and training, business development services, networking Social Enterprises, publicity and dissemination of the idea of Social Entrepreneurship.In very general terms, the goal of social impact measurement is to understand, manage and improve the process of creating social impact with the goal of maximizing or optimizing it for social enterprises and their stakeholders.

Act Social project is funded by INTERREG V-A COOPERATION PROGRAMMΕ: GREECE – BULGARIA 2014-2020. It is implemented in cooperation of Municipality Thermi, Greece, Association of South Western Municipalities and Association Euni Partners.

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