Euni Partners

Let’s Reunite Together

Let’s Reunite Together is European Voluntary Service project financed by the ERASMUS+ programme.  Through the project Association Euni Partners welcomes two volunteers – from Slovakia and from Poland – who will be working with its team for the next 12 months.

One of the main aims of the project is to help the volunteers to develop their professional skills that they will need in their future career development, while contributing to the local community. The volunteers will be involved in the activities of the organization:

– the theatre and English language school,

– in interactive language course for secondary school students and

– in the development and implementation of initiatives and projects.

The project is implemented in cooperation with the Slovak organization A.D.E.L – Association for Development, Education and Labour and the Polish organization Stowarzyszenie Rozwoju i Integracji Mlodziezy STRIM.

Description of the role and tasks of the volunteers:

Our main goals is to raise volunteers’ awareness of the different cultures, values and lifestyles of other citizens living around them. Moreover we would like to support them develop professional and personal qualities and behaviors that will help them better perform in the future.

Will be invited 2 participants in the project, who have interests in culture, social sciences and history. Volunteers must meet the following criteria:

– to be aged between 20-30 years;

– to be tolerant and willing to approach with understanding different points of view;

– to be motivated and ready to develop their own initiatives (projects);

– to be communicative, creative and resourceful people who can work in a team, good in decision-making, ready to adapt to different situations;

– to be positive, helpful, friendly and liberal, having a strong desire for personal development, a desire to learn about other cultures, languages, traditions and customs.

Volunteers will participate in the development and implementation of youth initiatives and projects with the assistance of а team member. All the volunteers will be involved in this process and the mentor will guide them making sure the working process is happening appropriately. At the beginning of the project we will make a training for the volunteers where we will open a space to talk about the working methods and activities in the organisation. We would like to set a common understanding about how they should work and communicate correctly.

The volunteers will be involved in:

– participating in various events, trips, seminars and etc;

– interactive English course for children “NEVERENDING STORY – LET’S PLAY AND LEARN ENGLISH“. In this course for children the volunteers will develop plays in English and will work with children practicing on stage, developing their acting skills.

During the project by using formal and informal learning methods we will encourage the volunteers to develop important qualities and skills to help them for their future realization. They will meet many young people from and around Blagoevgrad, thus integrate them into local community. Working with young people at the Association “Euni Partners” will help the volunteers learn the local language and integrate them faster into the workflow.

Through this project we will try:

– to improve personal development of participants so they can be responsible for others;

– to increase their desire to discover something new about themselves and to feel better, smarter and more capable;

– to expand their horizons about other nations and cultures;

– to extend their knowledge, skills and life experiences.

For our organization this project is very important as it is the first EVS project of the Association “Euni Partners”. This project will give us a lot of new ideas for further development, a new perspective for other types of activities and initiatives and it will create as a new long-term partnerships with participating organizations.

The main topics of the activity are:

– Erasmus + opportunities;

– Non-formal education and active participation;

– Cooperation between associations and public bodies in Blagoevgrad and Europe.

What will the volunteers learn during project implementation:

– to run nonformal educational activities;

– how to analyze and define the communication strategy of projects;

– how to write articles and organize press conferences;

– how to use the tools of social media communication;

– how to use non-formal education methods and techniques in Erasmus+;

– how to explore design, and photo making programs;

– how to explore linguistic skills for newsletter, and news writing;

– developing leadership skills.

The volunteers will work 35 hours per week, from 10 am until 12:00 am, then from 2:00 pm until 6 pm, and will have 10 days of holidays in December and 20 in August. The holidays arrangements will be flexible according with volunteer’s needs.

Tasks to be performed by the volunteers:

– To practice the planning, preparation, implementation and evaluation of visibility and DEOR strategies;

– To prepare training session and workshops based on non-formal education learning methods in order to develop the tools and techniques of self assessment;

– To organize social events part of Erasmus Plus and other projects;

– To collect, create and write news, newsletters and articles;

– To conceptualize, build and develop Erasmus Plus and other projects;

– To learn leadership and mentoring techniques in a non-formal education environment;

– To cooperate with local and international partners (incl.public bodies).