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UPSKILLEAD – Short Joint Staff Training Activity in Slovenia

Between the 11th and the 17th of February 2018  the partners from RIC Novo mesto (SL), Inbie_pl (PL), Firenze Pixel (IT), DRPD Novo mesto (SL), Association “Euni Partners” (BG), and Emphasys Centre (CY) took part in the Short-term Joint Staff Training Activity within the project Upskillead organised by the coordinator of the project RIC Novo mesto in Novo Mesto, Slovenia. 

The project aims at developing a comprehensive in-service training program for Adult Educators and Trainers who would like to upgrade their digital competences. The program consists of 6 modules: Staying Safe Online, Social Media, Graphic Design, Web Design, Learning Management System (Moodle) and Interactive White Board.

“UPSKILLEAD: Upskilling Adult Educators for Digital Lead” project is funded by the Erasmus+ Programme, KA2: Strategic Partnership for adult education.



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