Euni Partners

Power: European Network of Woman Mayors

The POWER project involves a network of towns governed by Woman Mayors or Deputy Mayors as an example to promote the participation of women in political and social life. Through their stories and experiences, Woman Mayors bring a valuable contribution informing citizens and towns, promoting political participation and discussing those issues that constitute an obstacle in today’s life e.g. gender pay gap, devaluation of female professions, reconciliation of family and work life, etc.

The project foresees the organization of 6 international events in Pollina (ITALY), Ciudad Real (SPAIN), Labin (CROATIA), Tetovo (MACEDONIA) and Blagoevgrad (BULGARIA). Through these events (meetings, visits, discussions, workshops) Women representatives and citizens have the opportunity to reflect about the political and social situations in each territories, focusing on practices and policies that exist in each European countries, in order to raising-awareness about EU policies promoters of gender equality and to sensitize, encourage and support Citizens to participate actively in the democratic and political life.

The final aim of the project is the creation of a WOman Mayors European Network (WOMEN) able to foster the cooperation among representatives and to promote equal opportunities by sharing best practices.