Euni Partners
Euni Partners

Dance Against Bullying

The project “Dance against bullying” is funded by the Erasmus+ Programme, Key Action 2 Cooperation for Innovation and the Exchange of Good Practices. The overall goal of the project is to tackle bullying behaviours among young people by using the tools of contemporary dance. The Idea of the project is to integrate the good practices already existing within a new approach based on dance workshops bringing together youth workers and young people unite in the fight against bullying. Moreover  the specific objectives of the project are: – Improving competences and knowledge of youth workers, promoting the use of dance as a tool to tackle bullying, promoting the values of inclusion, non discrimination and equity, promoting methods of non-formal education, strengthening the international cooperation in the fight against bullying.  

The Consortium is composed by 5 experienced organizations:

– ESSEVESSE: French contemporary dance company carrying out social activities with young people in Marseille.

– EUNI PARTNERS: Bulgarian NGO very active in the schools with cultural and social projects in Blagoevgrad.

– AICSCC: Romanian association based in Iaçi, that brings together psychologists and youth workers dealing with young people affected by personal disorders.

– CEIPES: European NGO based in Palermo and active in 8 European Countries, realizing social projects in some of the poorest neighbourhoods in Palermo.

– THE SMILE OF THE CHILD: is the largest Greek association committed to the welfare of the children and their families.