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Lifelong Dancing

“Lifelong Dancing – Learning pathways about dance for Adult Educators” project is funded by the Erasmus+ Programme, KA2 Cooperation for Innovation and the Exchange of Good Practices. The project is aimed to extend and to develop the educators’ comptences through the use of skills related with the use of dance and body movement.
The idea is to increase the level of the quality in the pedagogical methods and to have a wider number of methodologies to be used with people with special needs. Moreover the project is aimed to increase the use of non formal education in the adult education, proving that the results that many educators and trainers are achieving in the field of youth work, can be also gained in the field of adult education. The consortium of this project, believe that the use of non formal education, (dance-related activities in this case) can make a great improvement of the educators competences, of activities related with individuals needs and finally can produce good results in the field of the social inclusion work.

The main objective of this project is transnational and intersectoral cooperation to develop, test and implement innovative methods of working with adults through dance. These innovative methods aim to generate a proposal that integrates the arts and education into a single element of social strengthening that promotes a better quality of life for people with fewer opportunities (refugees and migrants, people with psychological disorders, people with physical disabilities, elderly people, etc), favoring social inclusion, promoting a healthy lifestyle, increasing self-esteem and self-knowledge to achieve an independent life and thereby improve the decision-making of their own lives.

The target groups:
– Migrants and refugees, people with psychological disorders, people with physical disabilities, elderly people, etc. who want to benefit from innovative work methods through artistic therapy. The product will be implemented through workshops. They will benefit from the complete dance-based therapy package, and from all the support related to the use of the potential for change, and the development they provide.
– Adult educators, trainers and staff, who work in different social fields, who are interested in using expressive techniques that favor personal development, the development of self-esteem and decision-making capacity, as well as to promote healthy lifestyles, through art, express emotions, exercise and promote social inclusion with all this.

This project is transnational, because the needs identified are universal, and the therapy based on dance and expressive methods are a universal language with great potential to change and develop a healthy lifestyle through socialization, movement and expression of emotions.