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R(AE)L INCLUSION – Training adult educators for working with adults with learning and behavioural difficulties and disabilities

R(AE)L INCLUSION project’s focus is on adults with learning and behavioural difficulties and disabilities and adult educators working in different adult education programmes. The project aims to educate adult educators to approach and respond to the needs of the adult learners, through different teaching methods and strategies, in order to support and provide them with a wider opportunity for learning, education, employment, and social interaction. Instead of developing and implementing new programs designed especially for people with disabilities, educators will be prepared to work with the target group in regular classes together with other adult learners. In this way, inclusion will be achieved, and the classroom will be a space for socialization and interaction between a diverse group of adults.

During the project life-cycle, the following results are expected:

  • In-Service Training Programme for Adult Educators comprising 30 hours of face-to-face learning and 20 hours of online learning.
  • Virtual Toolkit: set of tasks and an e-Diary for adult educators to complete and reflect on their work and performance
    after the completion of the training programme.
  • Online Platform for e-learning containing 50 hours of the online training programme

R(AE)L INCLUSION is co-funded by the Erasmus+ Programme of the EU, KA2: Cooperation partnerships in adult education.

Project Coordinator: Društvo za istraživanje i potporu – Rijeka, Croatia

Consortium: Ustanova za obrazovanje odraslih Dante – Croatia, Association Euni Partners – Bulgaria, ZEWELEPE CONSULTANTS LIMITED – Cyprus, edEUcation SAS – France, DOMSPAIN SLU – Spain