Euni Partners

Sustainable development

We represent the European network “Route Europeenne des Legendes,” and as its official representative we are engaged with the development of the international project “European Tales and Legends” in Bulgaria.

We conduct detailed analysis and evaluation of the tangible and intangible cultural heritage, resources and the potential for development of cultural tourism in the affiliated regions.

The development of sustainable forms of tourism is of particular importance for the preservation of the cultural and natural heritage of the European regions. In this regard, adequate planning, determination of strategic priorities and specific short-term and long-term goals are especially important for the achievement of the best results in this field. Analysis and evaluation of the resources of the regions and local communities are the first steps in this direction. Association “Euni Partners” supports its institutional partners by organizing and conducting series of field studies.

The multidisciplinary international team is composed of experts in the fields of science, arts, culture, tourism, marketing and advertisement, media and communication. The studies involve the tangible and intangible cultural heritage of the municipalities, the natural resources, the work of the institutions and the artistic circles, the technical and tourism-related infrastructure, the existing entertainment attractions, the tourism services provided, the possibilities for their development and diversification, and the potential for the development of new tourism products.

We develop strategic frameworks for the preservation, exploitation, and promotion of cultural heritage, as well as for the creation of thematic networks in the field.


The main goal of the expert teams of the international network “Route Europeene des Legendes” and Association “Euni Partners“, as a representative of the network for Bulgaria, is to support local partners in the development, realization, and promotion of high quality cultural-tourism products.

In order to succeed in this market for local communities, it is not only necessary to have certain amount of cultural sights, attractions and events, but it needs to be able to face the strong international competition through effective marketing. This requires clear understanding of the structure and the needs of the cultural-tourism market, as well as developing cultural products that can satisfy the demand of the market.

Association “Euni Partners” develops for its partners comprehensive strategies for the development of cultural tourism in the affiliated territories.