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Promoting good governance and citizen participation at the local level in the enlarged Europe since 1999


The European Association for Local Democracy is an organisation dedicated to the promotion of good governance and citizen participation at the local level. ALDA in particular focuses on activities that facilitate cooperation between local authorities and civil society. Every day, we develop projects with our members to support their activities for the good of the whole community. We are experts in identifying all possible means (EC funds, partnership, donations, etc.) to make our work – and our members’ work possible.

ALDA is a membership-based organisation gathering more than 350 members (including local authorities, associations of local authorities and non-governmental organisations) coming from more than 40 countries. ALDA is funded through membership fees and project funding from the European Commission, the Council of Europe and other public and private donors. 

ALDA was established in 1999 at the initiative of the Council of Europe’s Congress of Local and Regional Authorities to coordinate and support a network of Local Democracy Agencies, which was established in the early 1990s. ALDA is the umbrella organisation of the Local Democracy Agencies which are self-sustainable, locally registered NGOs that act as promoters of good governance and local self-government in their regions.


Where do we work?

ALDA е организация, базирана на членство, която събира повече от 350 членове (включително местни власти, асоциации на местни власти и неправителствени организации), идващи от повече от 40 страни. ALDA се финансира чрез членски внос и финансиране на проекти от Европейската комисия, Съвета на Европа и други публични и частни донори. ALDA е създадена през 1999 г. по инициатива на Конгреса на местните и регионалните власти на Съвета на Европа за координиране и подкрепа на мрежа от местни агенции за демокрация, която е създадена в началото на 90-те години. ALDA е централната организация на Местните агенции за демокрация, които са самостоятелни, местно регистрирани НПО, които работят за насърчаването на доброто управление и местното самоуправление в своите региони.

ALDA works in most of the European Union and the European neighbourhood countries. Activities in the European Union focus in particular on the promotion of Active European Citizenship. Activities in the Western Balkans and European Neighbourhood focus on good governance, citizen participation, European integration and decentralisation.

The first Local Democracy Agencies (LDA) are located in the Western Balkans, which gives a natural focus on that area. Recognising the need and the possibility, ALDA is also becoming more and more active in the European neighbourhood. The most recent LDA was created in 2019 in Tétouan, Morocco, a few years after the establishment of LDAs in Kairouan (Tunisia), Cimișlia (Moldova) and Mariupol (Ukraine).

ALDA is also leading several other projects and developing partnerships in other European neighbouring countries, such as Belarus and Turkey.


Services for Members

Projects development and funding opportunities research:

  • Priority on opportunities offered to be partner of projects, or to join consortia built to apply for tenders in various fields
  • Support of ALDA multilingual staff in the project proposal development phase (EN, FR, IT, SR, MK, RU)
  • Identification of relevant international partners for specific areas
  • Support to the partnership building process and dissemination of members’ calls for partners
  • Identification of potential donors

Being part of a consolidated European network

Strategic partner of the Council of Europe and the European Commission

  • Support in the relations with:
  • EU, CoE, UN, Agencies, and other public and private International institutions
  • Local and regional authorities, as well as National Governments in the enlarged Europe
  • European Officials, MEPs and other relevant international and European authorities
  • Visibility through a European network counting over 350 members (local authorities, NGOs, association of local authorities)
  • Promotion of members’ activities, initiatives and events at the European level through ALDA’s communication channels (newsletter sent to over 13.000 contacts, website with over 200.000 visitors and 1.300.000 visits per year, social networks, media activities)
  • Online presence for our Members on ALDA website, and presentation to the network of contacts via the newsletter
  • Access to EU experts, professional networks, academic organizations


Information & Structure

Wide dissemination of our activities and our members’

  • Timely updates via ALDA communication channels, particularly the monthly newsletter in six languages: EN, FR, RU, SR, IT, AR
  • ALDA and EU publications, information materials
  • Access to the information points on EU and active citizenship (Brussels and Vicenza)
  • Free use of ALDA equipped offices and meeting rooms in Brussels (Belgium), Vicenza (Italy), and upon approval of the Council of Europe, in Strasbourg (France)

Capacity Building

  • Information on funding programmes and opportunities
  • Participation in international events (conferences, seminars, etc.) promoted by ALDA
  • Priority in partnership for specialized trainings (e.g. Master classes on EU programmes, trainings, etc.)
  • Participation in ALDA working groups (on Citizens Participation and Local Governance, Western Balkans, Mediterranean Area, Local Democracy Agencies support)
  • Priority in offers of internship and job-shadowing
  • Participation in the programme ‘Volunteers for Democracy’, allowing members to select volunteers to participate into international events.


Become a Member of ALDA!

How to become our member?

If you are interested in becoming member of the European Association for Local Democracy, please, contact us by email at: or by phone at +359889 818607.