Euni Partners


The project “Volunteering4Solidarity” aims at empowering young people to become independent individuals, ready to enter the labor market. It will give them the opportunity to foster a sense of active citizenship, develop their social and professional competencies, and become more aware of the cultural diversity around them.

Living abroad, being independent and responsible will support their personal development. Meeting new people from different countries and different backgrounds will enhance their understanding and improve their social skills and raise their intercultural awareness accordingly. 

The volunteers will have a chance to grow professionally by taking part in different courses. It will equip them with key personal, professional, and entrepreneurial competencies and skills such as teamwork, leadership, intercultural competencies, project management, problem-solving and critical thinking. 

They will strive to influence the local community through conducting trainings on social entrepreneurship, this way, providing opportunities for social inclusion and equal opportunities for all.

Accordingly, the project aims to empower the community, by integrating the volunteers into the local community, offering them the opportunity to learn and share their own culture and traditions. As a consequence, volunteers and local people will raise their intercultural awareness, understanding, and embracing of other cultures.

The project is funded by Erasmus+ Programme