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Augmentative and Alternative Communication training in Greece

Augmentative and Alternative Communication training in Greece

Association EUni Partners participated in the last training part of the project Listen, Act, Analyse. The activities took place in Thessaloniki, Greece, between 17-21 October, and were focused on the Augmentative and Alternative Communication method (AAC).

During the course, the trainees from 3 countries had the opportunity to learn different methods and AAC tools for supporting children with disabilities and special educational needs.

While the first day of the training was focused more on the theoretical part, the rest of the days were dedicated to demonstrations and practices. The trainees learned also how to work with PECS cards and in which cases it is good to use them. All planned activities and exercises helped participants to better understand the needs of the children with disabilities and SEN, especially those with autism, and different ways of communication with them.

The project Listen, Act, Analyse is co-funded by the Erasmus+ of the EU.

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