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Virtual Training “Socialization Self-Esteem as a Tool for Self-Efficacy”

Virtual Training “Socialization Self-Esteem as a Tool for Self-Efficacy”

Association Euni Partners conducted a virtual training within the project #Marielle – Never Stop Rising, aiming at economic and personal empowerment of women from vulnerable groups.

Within the 4-days activities Euni Partners presented 6 workshops using dance and body movement methodology, which can be used by social workers, therapists, adult educators and organizations as a tool for working with women at risk of marginalization, victims of violence and gender discrimination. Participants in the training – project partners and other experts – had the opportunity to get acquainted with the activities closely and to discuss their future implementation and adaptation respectively.

“Socialization Self-Esteem as a Tool for Self-Efficacy” training aims to support women, from one side, to go through their emotions by identifying and exploring them, and further accept and express them using dance and body movement, and from the other side – to build a sense of trust and unity, to encourage and enhance self-confidence and self-esteem, empowerment, empathy and connection by putting the women in different roles. The presented workshops used during the training were inspired by the Erasmus + projects Lifelong Dancing and Dance Against Bullying.

The project is co-funded by the Erasmus+ Programme, KA2: Strategic Partnership in the field of Adult Education.

Partnership: Per Esempio Onlus, Italy, Associazione Handala – Italy, Surt, Fundacio de Dones Fundacio Privada – Spain, Merkuri –Georgia, Association Euni Partners – Bulgaria, Small Projects Istanbul – Turkey, Social Empowerment HUB – Greece

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