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Short-term Joint Staff Training within the project R(AE)L INCLUSION

Short-term Joint Staff Training within the project R(AE)L INCLUSION

A four-day Short-term Joint Staff Training, held within the framework of the R(AE)L INCLUSION project, was hosted by Association “Euni Partners” in Blagoevgrad, Bulgaria with the invaluable support and collaboration from the Regional Library of Blagoevgrad. Taking place from October 24th to 27th, this transformative training event brought together adult educators dedicated to empowering individuals facing learning difficulties and disabilities and marked a significant milestone in the pursuit of inclusive education and the professional development of adult educators.

The heart of this training event lay in the dynamic and engaging activities, informative and well-structured presentations, thought-provoking case scenarios, interactive discussions, and role-playing exercises that were cautiously crafted to benefit participants. These activities served as a powerful catalyst, allowing educators to expand and share their expertise and knowledge.

Participants gained a deep understanding of the unique needs of individuals with learning difficulties and disabilities, recognizing the critical importance of continuous guidance, motivation, and support and learned the significance of providing appropriate instructions and resources to help individuals with disabilities overcome their challenges. The training was instrumental in nurturing qualities such as empathy, compassion, openness, and adaptability among educators.

Moreover, it emphasized that proper and effective communication is a crucial tool for mentoring and coping with tasks accurately and timely and highlighted the role of explanation, familiarization, and navigation as key factors for educators in creating an inclusive and supportive learning environment. Beyond the acquisition of valuable knowledge and skills, the training event provided a unique platform for participants to connect, exchange ideas, and forge lasting international connections.

The training sessions covered the following five units:

-Who are the adults with learning/ behavioural difficulties and disabilities?

-Law regulation within partner’s countries

-Recognizing adults with disabilities

-Education of adults with disabilities

-Instructional principles for adults with disabilities.

The event’s trainers, Bernard Šešo and Karmen Vučetić from DIP, Croatia, added immense value by facilitating these activities and discussions. Their expertise was instrumental in ensuring that participants acquired practical skills and deepened their understanding of the diverse aspects of teaching adults with disabilities.

This initiative was made possible through the co-funding of the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union, reinforcing the commitment to fostering inclusive education and elevating the professional development of adult educators.

Association “Euni Partners” extends heartfelt gratitude for the significant contribution to the success of the event to all involved.

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