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Implementation of the Escape Room in Blagoevgrad, Bulgaria

Association Euni Partners is delighted to announce the successful implementation of our Escape Room that was created within the project REscEU: What would be Europe without EU?, funded by Europe for Citizens programme.

The creation of the Escape room in Bulgaria was a result between the collaboration of the Euni Partners’ team and the huge contribution of our volunteers that took personal responsibility for creating an engaging and informative game for their peers. The implementation of the Escape room was held in the local Language School: Academic Lyudmil Stoyanov. It continued for 3 days – from the 11th to the 13th of April, where 108 students were directly involved. The participants’ aim was to find an answer to the main question within this game: “What would be Europe without the EU?” During the game, they were guided by our volunteers in order to solve the puzzles and find the right answer to this question. In the process of solving the puzzles, all of the students gained knowledge and a different perspective about the benefits that the EU offers.

On one side, It was really interesting and engaging for the students as well as for our volunteers to be involved in the creation and implementation of the Escape room. On the other side, it was a built-up experience for every one of them due to the responsibilities and team playing they had to apply. It was an immensely satisfying process to manage it completely, involve so many young people, and provide them with a direct experience of Europe without the EU and the nowadays benefits that we easily take for granted.

For more information we invite you to click on the following link and to learn more about the project:…/resceu-what-would-life-be…/

Lead Partner: Consiglio Italiano del Movimento Europeo – CIME

Partners:Agora Central Europe

Association “Euni Partners”

Latvijas Pilsoniskā alianse/ Civic Alliance – Latvia Group

Društvo za razvijanje prostovoljnega dela Novo mesto

European Expression (Evropaiki Ekfrasi) (GR)

Federalistes d’Esquerres

Foster Europe Foundation for strong European Regions

Bilinguis Ogólnopolskie Stowarzyszenie Dwujęzyczności

Stiftung Zukunft Berlin

If you want to find to discover more about the game master’s point of view, please visit our volunteers’ website here:


RescEU is a European project, funded by Europe for Citizens programme.

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