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European Youth Week 2017

Association “Euni Partners” and its volunteers Patrycja and Zlatka joined the action “European Youth Week 2017” by organising 3 different events for young people in Blagoevgrad:

  1. Association “Euni Partners” organized a workshop for students from South-West University Neofit Rilski. Patrycja and Zlatka introduced to the young people the initiatives and programs of the European Union in the field of youth. They presented to the students the conditions and opportunities for participating in the different actions of the programs – youth exchanges, European Voluntary Service, work, internships etc., as well as their personal experiences as volunteers abroad. Patrycja and Zlatka are part of the Association Euni Partners team thanks to the Erasmus + program, the European Voluntary Service and “Let’s Reunite Together” project.
  2. The volunteers from Association “Euni Partners” Patrycja and Zlatka organized an information event at Chat Club Blagoevgrad.  The young people spoke about what Erasmus + is, what opportunities it provides, who and how can one participate in it, what are the conditions for participation in the different actions. The participants in the event received practical advice on how to get involved in the Erasmus + program by young people who were already part of it. 
    Chat Club is a personal project of our volunteers and it aims to encourage young people in the city to use their free time actively. Meetings are held every Thursday night and many different activities, such as movie screenings and discussions, game evenings, intercultural nights are available for visitors.

3. Association Euni Partners held a training workshop for students from National Humanitarian School “St. Cyril and St. Methodius”. The event aimed to raise the awareness of students of the opportunities Erasmus Plus Programme and European Solidarity Corps provide. The volunteers in Association Euni Partners, Patrycja and Zlatka, presented the opportunities, conditions, and ways to participate in the different actions of the European youth programmes – youth exchanges, European Voluntary Service, internships, work etc. The volunteers shared with the young people their personal experiences, as well as the challenges and chances being a volunteer abroad bring. During the workshop, the young people worked in small groups on practical assignments such as preparing a strategy and a plan for participation in a project, matching the “right” volunteer to the “right project” etc. 
The activity is part of a lasting cooperation between Association Euni Partners and the high school. Between 2014 and 2017, the association gave opportunity to more then 30 of the school’s students to participate in international projects and gain experience abroad. Currently, the association is implementing 4 joint projects with the educational institution, which include:
– activities for the benefit of students: courses in spoken English, information and digital literacy, critical thinking, emotional intelligence etc,
– activities for the benefit of teachers, trainers, managerial and administrative staff: courses in ICT, and its use in music education and other training and teaching activities, online based educational tools, exchange of good practices with other European educatuional institutions etc.

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