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Second Transnational Meeting on the project Lifelong Dancing

On 20th and 21st of January the 2nd Transnational meeting of the project “Lifelong Dancing” was held in Palermo, Italy. There Association Euni Partners together with four more partners from different countries participated in the meeting located at CEIPES head office.

The main focus on the meeting was making an analysis and evaluation of the first part of the pilot phase where each partner presented the results from their own workshops. The other focus was on working above the suggestions for improvement,  based on the feedback of the participants, the trainers and the observers and analysis of the questionnaires.

The project is focused on implementing innovative techniques in the field of adult learning through dance, movement and body expression. Association Euni Partners is working with people who belong to risk groups, such as representatives of minorities and teenage-mothers.

The main topics which took place in the workshop, called “L’io in movimento” are body expression, self-knowledge, confidence, communication, creativity and empowerment, from which different interaction approaches may lead. They used body movement and dance as the main tool. 

The partnership is also starting to work on the e-learning platform course which will contains all the digital tools related to the realized products of the project.

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