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Petition for supporting the Connected Learning project

Petition for supporting the Connected Learning project

Dear Friends and Supporters, The Consortium of @Connected Learning invite you to support its efforts and sign the Petition on the following link: The aims of the project are:

• To create a sustainable solution for recognition and validation of learning opportunities for young people across Europe.

• To promote open and innovative practices in education and training.

• To allow individuals with fewer opportunities to identify learning opportunities anywhere they are.

• To develop a free interactive Web Portal and Mobile App, which will map learning spaces in Europe.

• To develop and pilot-test a specific Learning Route which focuses on the acquisition, assessment, and validation of competencies through the Open Badges.

• To build a Toolkit to support regions, cities or organisations to create Learning Routes anywhere in the EU adapted to their needs.

• To develop a Strategy Pack leading to initiation of policy reform or recommendation from the grassroots level.

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