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Multiplier Event

Multiplier Event

On October 6, 2017, Euni Partners held Multiplier Event through the project “Summer e-Challenge: Acquiring Soft and Digital Skills Through Non-formal Free-time Practices”. The presentation was attended by regional authority, informal training centers, youth workers, teachers. Professionals and stakeholders who attended the event learned about the results of the SUMMER e-CHALLENGES, its products, and its impact. The main aims of the Multiplier Event were to influence the professional community and stakeholders to further investigate the prospects of providing young people with valuable opportunities. These opportunities included the acquisition of essential skills and competencies for life, validation of their learning, and better skills-matching links for employment. The event also informed participants about of the potential that such an open and freely accessible tool and method will have on young people that builds on the stages as set by the EC to validate students’ competence and skills using aspects of the validation and transparency tools.Participants received information guides which included all important information.

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