Euni Partners

Impact of volunteering in tourism Workshop

Association EUni Partners took part in the 7th Workshop organized within project ERAS: European Alliance for Volunteer Support. Our great hosts were SHOQATA Udhëtim i lirë association.

The workshop was held 3 days in Albania in the city of Durrës and was themed around the impact of volunteering in tourism and volunteering among minority communities. Part of the discussion was also the opportunities offered by the European Solidarity Corps.

During the several meetings organized, all representatives from the different associations and institutions had the chance to discuss and exchange experience and good practices about volunteering in different fields. We had the opportunity to gain more knowledge about volunteering and what help it can provide to face social challenges and affect tourism by raising awareness among people about cultural and historical inheritance.

This project was co-funded by the Europe for Citizens Program of the European Union.

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