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Hello everybody,

✅The petition we share aims to support a project “Dance Against Bullying” and more specifically the developed methodology using dance and expressive movements as a means of dealing with bullying at school.

✅ With your help we can democratize and share the new methodology by asking Europe to include this practice in European prevention policies in the fight against harassment.

✅ The online training program is free and can be used by educators and other experts working with people facing a bullying issues. The program includes 5 workshop designed for the young people and youth workers and developed around the 4 main roles in a bullying situation: aggressor, target person, passive observer and active observer.

✅ More information you can find in the links of the Petition.

❗️ If you want to help us, all you have to do is click on this link… and sign the petition. Once signed, a confirmation email will be sent to you.

🙏Let’s try to support each other🙏 Thank you for sharing as mush possible through your professional networks.

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