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CoolTúr JAM

CoolTúr JAM

The project’s main goal is to raise the awareness for Europe and promote communication between cultures. We have chosen tools like workshops, presentations, video blogs and flashmob which message is the diversity of Europe.

The hosting and the team members delegated by the partners can make a joint product while they are developing their creativity, self-expression, self-compliance and cooperation skills. Our mission is help the participating individuals experience how inspiring the European diversity can be. Since the question of market position of young people is an important question based on the experiences of the previous programs, this year we would like to integrate this topic into our program. The participants of the project are young people between the age of 18 and 30 who are willing to work with the subject of European citizenship; who are eager to learn about other nations culture within the program and are willing to promote the diversity of Europe through the videoblog interface and participating in flashmobs. As a result of the program and with the help of teamwork we will develop key competencies and skills in each one of the participants. The programs are specially focused on communicating in foreign languages, digital competencies, learning to learn, individual and citizenship competencies, entrepreneurial competencies and cultural competencies. The experiences and knowledge shared during workshops will be of a great asset for the participants and it will have a positive effect on several nations groups in their daily cooperation.  All of this will multiply the visibility of the projects programs and the successfulness of the  results.

Throughout the creation process and the presentations every participant and observer will meet with the diversity of the cultures and inspiration through the videoblogs and flashmob.