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The project Marielle – Never Stop Rising – Video

🔹 With the project #Marielle – Never Stop Rising the consortium aimed to strengthen gender empowerment and prevent violence against women at risk of marginalization and gender discrimination. Women, direct beneficiaries of the project, had the chance to experience new methodologies that influenced their lives and levels of empowerment.

🔹 Check out the video, and hear what trainers and experts from partners countries have to say regarding their experience with the developed methodologies during the process of working with such women.

Partnership Project coordinator: Per Esempio Onlus – Italy

Partners: Associazione Handala – Italy; Surt, Fundacio de Dones Fundacio Privada – Spain, Merkuri – Georgia; Association Euni Partners – Bulgaria; Small Projects Istanbul – Turkey; Social Empowerment HUB – Greece.

Co-funded by Erasmus+ Programme, KA2: Strategic Partnership Adult Education – Best Practices

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