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GoDIGITAL Short-term joint staff training

GoDIGITAL Short-term joint staff training

From 25 th February to 1 st March, Euni Partners team members took part in the short-term joint staff training in Nicosia, Cyprus, in order to get familiar with the training material, GoDIGITAL e-learning platform and next steps to be done. During the training all five modules have been presented and discussed (Internet, Learning Management System, Website Design, Hardware, Tools/Applications). The modules are part of a development program, which will be offered free to primary schools teachers willing to upgrade their digital competencies both in on-line and in-house training to be implemented.

The GoDIGITAL project is funded by Erasmus+ Programme KA2: Strategic Partnerships for school education.
For more information visit the website of the project:






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