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Meeting in Greece, Veroia withing the project VOLT (Volunteering Values Think Tank)

In the period from the 14th to 17th of October, a delegation from the Municipality of Belitsa, Bulgaria, and Maria Kovachka – a member of Association “Euni Partners” participated in a meeting within the project VOLT in Veroia, Greece.

The project is coordinated by EQUALINE, Greece.

Partners are: DRUSTVO ZA RAZVIJANJE PROSTOVOLJNEGA DELA NOVO MESTO – Slovenia, Belitsa Municipality – Bulgaria, BIRGU Local Council – Malta and Municipality of KALNIK – Croatia.

The main aim of the project is promoting volunteering as a tool to enhance civic engagement, combat Euroscepticism, strengthen European values and town-twinning. The funding programme is Citizens, Equality, Rights and Values programme (CERV) of the EU.

Sunday, 15th of October, was a day, dedicated to celebrating the region’s rich culture and traditions with the Festival of Grapes, a vibrant and cherished local tradition.

On Monday, the delegation had the honor of witnessing the grand parade – a symbol of unity and cultural diversity that showcased the collective spirit of the participating entities.

Following the parade, the participants gathered at the Municipality Hall and met the Mayor for a significant moment of commemoration, which included the exchange of commemorative photos and plaques. These tokens symbolized the enduring partnerships formed during the project and a shared commitment to its goals.

The Bulgarian delegation expressed their appreciation for the warm welcome and the fruitful discussions that took place during this meeting. They look forward to the continued collaboration and the positive impact the VOLT project will have on their respective communities.

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