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First International Meeting within the project ERAS II

First International Meeting within the project ERAS II

Between the 22nd and 25th of April, ERAS partners from Bulgaria 🇧🇬, Greece 🇬🇷, Hungary 🇭🇺 and Latvia 🇱🇻 visited Slovenia 🇸🇮 to learn about the effect of the Covid-19 epidemic on different volunteer projects and activities and highlight the work and achievements of volunteers from various European countries through an exhibition showing how they selflessly contributed to limiting the epidemic with their work.

We visited organisations from Ljubljana and Litija and learned about their good practices. With Slovenska filantropija, Kralji ulice and PIC – Pravni center za varstvo človekovih pravic in okolja we discussed how their work was affected by the epidemic and how they adapted to it to continue supporting and further developing volunteering.

We learned how volunteer projects contribute to the quality of life in the community and how the Municipality of Litija Občina Litija supports the development of volunteering through projects like Point for Seniors and participation in the program Zavod Sopotniki and discussed the possibilities for further development of volunteering with representatives of NGOs from Litija. We visited #HišaEU and talked with students of Gimnazija Litija about the EU and the opportunities it provides for the young.

Social Innovation & Cohesion Institute – Fifty Fifty Association “Euni Partners”DDTG Nonprofit Ltd.NGO “Solis Tuvāk”Município de Lousada

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