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A three-day training for specialists working with people facing learning and behavioural difficulties and disabilities

A three-day training for specialists working with people facing learning and behavioural difficulties and disabilities

In the period from 13th to 15th of February, Association “Euni Partners” organized a training, with a primary focus on advancing inclusive education and enhancing the professional development of educators working with individuals with learning and behavioural difficulties and disabilities. The event was held within the framework of the R(AE)L INCLUSION project and united 15 dedicated specialists committed to empowering individuals confronting learning difficulties and disabilities. The event was realized with the support of the Regional Library of Blagoevgrad and the Regional Department of Education in Blagoevgrad.

The training event was distinguished by its dynamic array of activities, including engaging exercises, presentations, and immersive case scenarios, interactive discussions, and thought-provoking role-playing exercises. The activities were carefully designed to enrich participants’ expertise. These elements served as catalysts for educators to expand their knowledge and exchange insights, setting a new standard for inclusive education practices.

Throughout the training, participants delved into the unique needs of individuals with disabilities, emphasizing the importance of continuous support and effective communication. They explored instructional principles essential for cultivating inclusive and supportive learning environments, thereby laying the foundation for a more inclusive educational landscape.

The participants, under the guidance of trainers Ilina Yakova and Slavina Georgieva, engaged in sessions focused on practical skill development and gaining a comprehensive understanding of teaching people with disabilities. Exploring various subjects, including understanding people with learning and behavioral difficulties and disabilities, and devising effective educational strategies, the specialists acquired invaluable insights poised to drive positive change.

The event was made possible through the co-funding of the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union, reaffirming the commitment to inclusive education and represents a significant step toward fostering inclusive education and advancing the professional growth of educators, working with people with disabilities. Association “Euni Partners” remains dedicated to empowering educators and creating inclusive learning environments.

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