GoDIGITAL: Integrating mobile learning and upgrading teachers’digital need

The GoDIGITAL project addresses the need in EU policies for high quality teachers able to innovate using ICT and for improved data on their digital competence. It also tackles the need to enhance the uptake of ICT in teaching and learning, to promote stronger coherence between different EU and national transparency and recognition tools, and strengthen the professional profile of the teaching profession.

The GODIGITAL project aims to design, develop, pilot-test and evaluate a complete tool kit to support primary schools to develop their schools digital development plan in order to upgrade the digital competences of the teachers and as a consequence the digital literacy of the students.

Through participation teachers will IMPROVE and VALIDATE their digital skills in order to meet the current trends of the digital era and improve the quality of teaching, learning and assessment thus ensuring better learning outcomes.

The project connected 6 partners:

Poland – SPOŁECZNA AKADEMIA NAUK (University of Social Sciences) – Coordinator

Greece – Regional Directorate of Primary and Secondary Education of Crete

Cyprus – Privite Institute Emphasys Centre

Italy – The Institute “Maestre Pie dell’ Addolorata”

Bulgaria – Association Euni Partners

Poland – Fundacja Zaufania Społecznego Publica Fides

The GoDIGITAL project is funded by Erasmus+ Programme KA2: Strategic Partnerships for school education.

For more information visit the website of the project: http://teachersgodigital.eu/

2nd International Project Meeting within the GoDIGITAL project

Between 1st and 2nd June, Association Euni Partners took part in the 2nd international meeting in Heraklion, Greece, within the project “GoDIGITAL: Integrating mobile learning and upgrading teachers’ digital needs”. The consortium met to discuss findings of the survey conducted in order to define the digital needs and requirements of …

Kick-off meeting of the Project GoDigital

Kick-off meeting of the GoDIGITAL project Association Euni Partners took part in the international kick-off meeting of the GoDIGITAL project in Lodz, Poland. The first meeting was held on 12th and 13th December 2017 and gave an opportunity to create and develop international cooperation between 6 partners leaded by the …