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DICSE: Digital Cities for a ‘Smart’ Europe

DICSE has the aim to create a model of “Digital City” in which digital services are addressed to users.

In Europe, the introduction of new forms of citizens participation are renowned as important element of the modernization process of democratic institutions and social inclusion. ICT are changing the relationship between local government and citizens, encouraging the active participation of users in the management of public affairs, through the formulation of proposals concerning the needs of community, as well as the evaluation of local services. The role of citizen is no longer that of a mere consumer of services, but he becomes an active part in the process of innovation, contributing to the change in their cities.  Through this involvement, citizens, at local and European level, will be able to contribute in designing their services. For this reason, the project “DICSE” has the aim to create a model of “Digital City” in which digital services are addressed to users. The cooperation between the municipalities of the network and the exchange of good practices between different countries and cultures will be essential to create a model of ”Smart City” and to ensure a digital development in line with the demand that comes from citizens.

The project ”DICSE” involves five municipalities and five no-profit organizations from five countries (Italy, Spain, Bulgaria, Poland and Portugal). It is expected an involvement of 3.000 people of which 330 are directly involved in project activities, others (600 people) will be involved through interviews and others (2.000 people) through on-line questionnaires.

In the European Conference (EC) the representatives of municipalities and citizens will be able to discuss on issues concerning the Digital Agenda: e-democracy, computer literacy and digital divide, e-participation, public communication and social media.

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