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Euni Partners


The development of this project is a consequence of the pandemic and one of the sectors most affected – the creative industries. The project Mind-Set will try to change the way the target audience thinks and acts. 

The project will create a modern asymmetric e-learning course to develop an entrepreneurial mindset with a focus on the characteristics that a person must have to be a successful entrepreneur – determination, goal setting, time management, confidence, initiative, accountability, self-motivation, resilience, humility, and ability to work in a team. 

The OBJECTIVES of the project are:

* Development and implementation of innovative practices of teaching Entrepreneurship MIND-SET to creative persons

* Increase sense of initiative and entrepreneurship among people from creative industries

DIRECT target groups of the project:

* Persons, who are studying or working in creative industries

* Youth and students who are working in creative industries

* Representatives of education institutions that teach any of creative industries

INDIRECT target groups of the project are:

* Young people

* Society in general

The development of the e-learning course will be divided into 5 modules: 

* Module 1 – DETERMINATION – Making small decisions with prioritized goals. The subsections will be focused on SETTING GOALS AND PRIORITIZING TIME 

* Module 2 – CONFIDENCE – Аbility to have self-confidence. The subsections of the module will be for TAKING INITIATIVE and CONVINCING.

 * Module 3 – RESPONSIBILITY – to the choice and subsequent results.

A subsection of this module will be on SELF-INITIATIVE 

* Module  4 – SUSTAINABILITY – without fear of failure. The subsections of the module will be for PERSISTENCE and FLEXIBILITY. 

* Module  5 – HUMILITY – Learning new things, nourishing your thinking. A subsection of the module will be the topic WORK IN TEAMS. 

Координатор на проекта: ARTSMART – Латвия 

Partners: MINE VAGANTI NGO – Italy 

IASIS – Greece 

Drustvo Bodi svetloba – Slovenia 

Асоциация Юни Партнерс – България: 

Uciliste Studium – ustanova za obrazovanje odraslih  – Croatia

To see the project results visit our website: